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Playa Colorada

Shhh, please don’t tell anybody! This tiny but extraordinary beach is a real gem! The mountains surround the crystal blue and calm waters. It simply is wonderful! One can have lunch at nearby Isabella’s and enjoy some of the freshest, perfectly prepared seafood Samana has to offer, and she serves it with all the fixins. Dominican cuisine at it’s finest!

Playa Colorada is located between the immense Playa Rincon and the town of Las Galeras. The beach remains non-touristy and uncrowded, is unspoiled and truly a postcard perfect beach.

Very popular in this area is making long hikes to these empty beaches and getting lost a lot...

Playa Colorada: think scenery and outlook.   Very popular in this area is making long hikes to these empty beaches and getting lost a lot…requiring getting directions from the friendly and helpful locals. Thanks to the rolling hills one can enjoy gorgeous mountain views and sweeping ocean vistas.

Las Galeras also is an ideal starting point for horseback riding. There is a ranch from where excursions are to the beaches in this area. It is a wonderful und unforgettable experience exploring Playa Colorada on a horse.


NOR video productions made a wonderful video from Playa Colorada. It is enclosed, see and stun…

video by NOR video Produktion 


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Calle del carmen, Las Terrenas
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