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Playa Las Flechas

This rather small beach is on the bay side of Samana and a 10 minutes drive east of Samana town (direction of Las Galeras). This is an important historic place.

It was Christopher Columbus himself who landed in 1493 on Playa Las Flechas in Samana and the local natives greeted him with a fusillade of arrows. Flechas are arrows in Spanish.

The Indians who encountered Columbus were the Cigayos and helped him to gain colonial power in the region for centuries. The Spaniards then established Santa Barbara de Samana in 1756.  A few decades later they traded the land off to Napoleon Bonaparte. The French in turn later was forced out by the British and Haitians.

Christopher Columbus himself landed on this beach in 1493. The New World began on Playa Las Flechas.

Meanwhile, colonial-era pirates infested the area and plundered whichever ships were present at any given time. The 19th century brought American influence to Samana. Today Germans are in Samana, along with French,  Italians, Spanish, British, Swiss, Dutch and other Europeans – in the form of hotel and restaurant owners.  

That explains the multicultural mix, but the peninsula retains the feel of the authentic Caribbean, and it`s remote enough to retain the natural beauty and tranquil charm that makes it one of the most alluring corners of the Dominican Republic.


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Calle del carmen, Las Terrenas
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