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Samana's Beaches

Samaná has a ridiculous amount of insanely beautiful beaches. Especially for such a tiny slice of mother earth. Which is grossly unfair for those who don’t live there.  Most people consider Samana as a tiny but beautiful island as it has beaches all around. Its entire shoreline is a mind-blowing catalog of top notch beaches. “Wow, Breathtaking and Best in the Caribbean” are typical comments from tourists after being on a holiday to these gorgeous and pristine beaches. In Punta Cana, the beaches are typical to the Caribbean, soft white sand and wide, calm beaches. In Samana,  the beaches become more varied and more wild. Samana really has a lot to offer. But, let’s face it, what everyone wants, out of this tiny peninsula,  is quality time on the country’s mind-blowing catalog of world-class beaches.

Playa Paraiso

Paraiso in Las Galeras is an amazing beach and full of action due to the Ahmsa hotel here. Soft sand, shallow water, and a barefoot lifestyle. Great for a vacation with the family....

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Playa Onda

Playa Onda in Samaná - who googles the Internet will find very little, for this beach on the peninsula runs absolutely under any tourist radar. No wonder as Onda is about 10 kilometers away from the next section of road and requires at least an...

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Playa Lanza Del Norte

Perfect conditions therefore for all sorts of pirates to use Samana as a hiding location or as a must-stop to stock up on fresh water and food. Especially the mouth of the “Rio de Limón”, and nearby beaches like Morón and Lanza del Norte, were...

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Playa Esterillo

Playa Esterillo is pretty near Las Terrenas in the direction of El Limon. Just after El Portillo take a road to the left at la Barbacoa. At the end, there are some beach compounds and a small resort....

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Playa Esperanza

The beach at Loma Esperanza is kind of private and intimate. It is not a long stretch as Coson or Rincon. Esperanza is a long curve with shrubs and some mangroves giving it a real rainforest feeling....

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Playa Madama

The inaccessibility of Playa Madama keeps tourists away. Most of the time you have the place completely to yourselves. The snorkeling is great here or one can just enjoy the turquoise waters. Playa Madama is really one of the crown jewels of this area. If...

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Playa Ermitaño

You can access this beach most conveniently by boat. When arriving there you will see in front of you a postcard perfect landscape. You will have the impression of being unique in the world in this magical place of its lush and tropical vegetation and...

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Playa Cayacoa

Actually, Playa Cayacoa is the main beach for the visitors of the hotel Gran Bahia Cayacoa. This hotel is there up on the cliff. Special is that to get to the beach there’s a special elevator downwards....

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Playa Cayo Levantado

Paradise. This beach is absolutely amazing. The sand is sugar white, the water is crystal clear and the view is spectacular. If you picture a tropical island with an exotic beach, it won't get any better than this....

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Playa Moron

When you are a fan of secluded beaches, then Playa Moron is a good choice for you. It is a bit further from Las Terrenas. Just turn left after the town of El Limon and follow the Cap El Limon signs. The road to this...

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Playa El Valle

There are some authentic and simple local “restaurants” on this beach selling their local cuisine for rock bottom prices and the whole place has a very bohemian feel. The local man who is the chief of the beach gives you a private tour of the...

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Playa Las Ballenas

Las Ballenas beach, one of the most beautiful and pristine beaches in the area and minutes away to “Pueblo de los Pescadores;” the center of night life in town and where most restaurants, supermarkets, bars, discos and other conveniences are located ...

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Playa Fronton

We visited many Caribbean Islands and seen dozens of beaches. We can easily say that Fronton Beach is in our top three. The beach and its surroundings are outstandingly beautiful and the huge rock background to the beach makes it a lifetime experience You...

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Playa Bonita

Playa Bonita does not take its name by chance. It really is one of the most beautiful beaches of the entire Samaná Peninsula and probably of the Caribbean. The half-moon-shaped beach with its soft white sand and coconut palms...

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