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There’s just so much to explore in Samana. You can take an organized tour or do it by yourself. But do it either way, it is unforgettable.

Besides glorious beaches and backed by coconut palm tree covered slopes, Samana is the real gem of the Dominican Republic and far and away the best region to visit in the country. The Samana peninsula is just begging to be explored by its visitors. Its credo is ‘Samana Has It All’ and that is more than true.

With such a beautiful location, Samana is also a popular stop for cruise ships sailing the Caribbean and day trippers popping over from Santo Domingo or Punta Cana. The early mornings or late afternoons when the buses have cleared out and the ships have blown their last horn is the best time to set out and explore.

If you’re visiting this region, don’t even think about just passing through though.




At the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling.

With the intrigue of the Los Haitises reserve, the beauty of the turquoise water and the incredible whales during winter time right on Samana’s doorstep, there is plenty to keep you busy in this area for days and days.


On LTG you will find lots of places to see and explore. Just check out the rest of this website.



If you are a more adventurous type of guy or gal than go out and create unforgettable memories. Share them with friends and relatives, on Facebook or Instagram. Just let the world know. One can simply rent a quad or an SUV to start with, hire a local guide and you’re on to it. Without a guide is fine also. Dominican people are very friendly and helpful to assist you whenever and wherever possible.

If you’re, let’s say, more a  worrier kind of traveler, or you wanna have some nice company on your trips than take a tour.  They will pick you up at your hotel and take care of everything. There really is lots to choose; from a simple hike through a national reserve to a day-trip to Cayo and Haitises and everything in between.

Check out our listings for tours & excursions on the Samana Peninsula.

Video by Atef TALBI. We were in Playa Fronton in the Samana Peninsula, north of the Dominican Republic, when we saw some people staring at the horizon. So I’ve sent my drone 2km away from the shore. What I saw then was way beyond my expectations; a male humpback whale was courting a female.


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Calle del carmen, Las Terrenas
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