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So you want to find a gorgeous luxury villa for your vacation. Here’s some inspiration and a step guide of what to do next...

At 09.30h the majordomo gave us a call that breakfast was ready.  Still, in pajamas and morning gown we headed down. The smell of freshly baked bread and hot coffee was very appealing.  The sous-chef welcomed us to sit down at a table in the shade of the patio. With just laundered linens and fresh flowers the breakfast really looked like if we were at a Four Seasons or Ritz-Carlton.


While enjoying our breakfast and the views of the nearby ocean the majordomo’s kindly mentioned that the housekeeper already had done our bedroom. We thanked him and he asked if we would like some strong espresso before leaving the table.

Meanwhile, our sunbeds were made ready for us. Nicely arranged under the shade of the waving palm trees.


No, this is not the Ritz-Carlton here, nor the Four Seasons. This is a beautiful and staffed, privately rented villa in Las Terrenas.


One cannot have breakfast in your pajamas at a 5*hotel!  Nor is it possible to relax without a lot of other people around, as there are in a hotel. But you would probably pay a lot more at a 5*hotel for less privacy and less service. Not to mention food and drinks you consume.

This is not a made up example but a true story. The children of a long retired US couple had booked this villa vacation in Las Terrenas to celebrate their dad’s 77th birthday.  It proved to be “the best vacation ever,” they said afterward. “We did hardly leave the premises. Once we left on a night for dinner in town. At that time we wondered why we did that.”

It’s easy to see why renting a private villa for vacation is so popular. Especially with multigenerational families. No one is doing all the chores that typically come with a common house rental. The idea is that for one or two weeks week, this is your vacation home.  Everything can and will be taken care of.


The toddlers can nap and the rest can still be outside enjoying themselves. No one needs to be stuck in a hotel room while their baby is asleep. That’s wonderful relaxed. The kids race inside out and from the pool to beach to the kitchen really all day long.  The sous-chef makes an early dinner, as they are hungry at five o’clock. Later in the early evening, the adults can relax and enjoy a gourmet dinner.


I suppose you are getting the idea. This is way different than renting a vacation condo someplace. Though that can be fun too. Probably you are thinking now this is way out of your financial comfort zone.  That’s not necessarily true.


Let’s consider a four-bedroom private villa. That would average during low season (April 17 to Dec. 10) say $4.000 a week, plus tip and food — an average of $190 per bedroom per night. During high season, the price is higher naturally.  One hotel room can cost you over $400 a night. The restaurants in a resort or hotel certainly will cost you more than the meals prepared by your own sous-chef.

Las Terrenas is known for these staffed villas. It has many options in the area, many are luxurious, some others are more modest. But these private villas are ideal for reunions, multi-family vacations, and small weddings also.

Walking into the villa was like being welcomed into the home of a friend. It is comfortable, warm, inviting, and very well taken care of. At no point did we feel like we were in a rental property.

Key to successfully rent a private villa for your vacation is to know what will suit your family’s or friends needs. What kind of amenities do they prefer?  Do you prefer to be at a staffed villa within a resort or would you rather be at a beachfront compound?
Will the teens and young adults in the group be happy to “just chill,” or will they want to be near the town with some more active nightlife? Will your family be happy to “eat local,” let’s say, jerk chicken with fish, or do they opt for a more sophisticated fare?

A private villa in Las Terrenas is ideal when you love long, white sandy beaches. You might want to settle for Playa Coson. Do you want a tennis court or a beach volleyball? Do you like to cook with the sous-chef yourself? One can have all kind of requests.

So to whom it may concern, I can’t think of a better place to gather friends and family for creating unforgettable memories.


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Calle del carmen, Las Terrenas
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